Our Cosmic Friends

Who are our ETs cosmic friends?

Our cosmic friends are physical beings with souls and consciousness, (as we were created in this world), and they come from different cultures and distant planets. They are created and exist in dimensions whose consciousness is much more advanced and developed than ours.
Their evolutionary stage in which they exist is millions of years ahead of us. This, of course, is reflected in the quality of their physical bodies, their DNA, their level of intelligence and their technological ability. They are united in different organizations with friendly intentions. They live in the universe to which we belong, in the Milky Way galaxy, and they come from the planets of Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda and many others.

Their connection with humanity has existed for millions of years and they are the ones responsible for the changes and development of the human species. They are actually the missing link (we humans are made up of extraterrestrial DNA), especially Sirius and the Pleiades and human DNA (ancient man).

Their role and purpose is to help us, human beings and all of humanity, to evolve. Because they are aware of our connection and its effect on the rest of the solar system and the rest of the universe, they work to promote our development and evolution. Since there is a developmental connection between all the cultures of the galaxy, the evolution of the planet Earth also contributes to their evolution.

The extraterrestrials exist and operate from the seventh dimension onwards (a layer of consciousness). Because we exist in a lower state of consciousness we are not able to perceive in our five senses the form of matter in which they exist. We as humans will not be able to touch them, see them and so on because our senses are limited to the third dimension.

How do our cosmic friends help us?

Our cosmic friends from the higher cultures offer us help in places where we have challenges, they support the processes of development and change that humans go through on planet Earth. They help us change perspective, direct us to be curious and connect to the source which we came from. They also help us to break free from opinions, fixations and connect with ourselves.

Their evolutionary stage in which they exist is millions of years ahead of us

How do they do it?

The ETs make direct conscious and unconscious contact with humans who are open to communication. These are people who are at an advanced stage in their spiritual development and are curious about the multidimensional reality. They are in fact defined as potential partners for the change and development of the human race.

The ETs are constantly locating human beings who want to cooperate with them in helping humanity, in a variety of areas, each in an area that is close to his heart. The ETs will promote the connection with any person whose intentions are pure and they come from a place of compassion, love and respect for the human race, the planet and the universe.

The ETs make contact with these people and help them realize their potential and help other human beings. The areas that ETs promote in this way are: health at all levels, technology, science, music and the arts.

Researchers and scientists who aim to develop technologies that will benefit the environment and humanity receive inspiration, information and support in their processes so that they can fulfill and reach these goals and contribute to the human and cosmic collective.
The ETs convey telepathic messages that inspire curiosity as well as accurate information about studies that they themselves conduct and thus contribute to the discovery of the truth.

The ETs are constantly locating human beings who want to cooperate with them in helping humanity

Multi-dimensional healing through the ETs - how do they treat us?

ETs have no direct access to our physical body and their treatment of us is done through our electromagnetic structure which is the aura that envelops our physical body. In the aura there are different body layers: etheric, mental, emotional, astral and the body of light (that contains the part of the soul that is in our body).

The ETs use technology that allows them to convert frequencies, each aura layer is an energetic frequency. The etheric layer is a frequency that is a transcription of all the organs of the body, the physical body at the energy level. The ETs create a dynamic two-sided hologram of the aura bodies. The hologram is in the fifth dimension (or beyond it) and there the treatment is performed.

Since this is a bilateral hologram and doubling of the body, the patient in the third dimension experiences the treatment of his physical body.

The conversion is done to the clinic space, in this space they operate their equipment which has advanced technology. The space in the higher dimension allows them physical access to us and there also the healing energy is transferred from their physical body to us through their hands, third eye, heart, uterus and so on. Their physical body has self-healing abilities and the ability to transmit healing frequencies that come from them and the creation.

The treatment of the human body is carried out on all levels and in all bodies, not only in the etheric body, but also in the emotional body, the emotional structure, and the mental cognitive body. The treatment also includes advice and recommendations that come from the ETs to improve the lifestyle, and depending on the background of the therapist, the treatment can also be accompanied by additional recommendations such as diet, exercise, etc.

In fact an integral part of the treatment is also to enter the patient’s world and advise him on things that need to be improved or developed and habits that need to be stopped.

In the emotional aspects the ETs direct the patient to deal with significant traumas or events in their life that have influenced their conduct and the shaping of their perceptions. Exposing the influential memories enables cleansing, development and transcendence which promote the patient to a much better quality of life.

The treatment of the human body is carried out on all levels and in all bodies

The transition to the fifth dimension

The role of the healing ETs is not only to address the challenges of this world, but also to help us advance in the mental development that will lead to the improvement of the collective quality of life of the human race. This progress will have a positive impact on various planets which are part of the cosmic collective. It can be described as a large chain driven by many gears, and when one gear does not function properly, it affects the whole chain accordingly.

We are now in a special period, a transition of eras, this unique transition also includes a gradual ascent to the fifth dimension from the third dimension. First, there is an increase in the consciousness of the fifth dimension, and in the second stage, a physical transition will take place through a photon wave, which will pass through the earth and cause the process of changing dimensions.

The more human beings allow the help of the galactic federation (the good-hearted ETs), the more this process will take place in a moderate and smooth manner.
So the treatments from the ETs are not just the treatment of an individual who is experiencing difficulty, each individual treatment positively affects the collective.