Chagai Katz
My name is Chagai Katz and I was born in Israel in 1977. I am a healer; it is my calling in life. I work together with my medical ET team and the light beings.

Who is Chagai Katz?

Chagai Catz

My name is Hagai Katz, and I was born in Israel in 1977. I am married to Lilach, and I have four sons. During my life I always felt a little different, kind of an observer and at some points I also felt very out of place. At the same time, helping, assisting and listening to people has always been at the forefront of my mind. From a young age I would find myself advising my peers and even older people with such and such advice for life.

Alongside these, the music and technology fields have always been close to my heart, and in my high school days I was working as a D.J and sound man.
Over the years I have produced musical and cultural events, and through them I have gained another perspective of observation, guidance and support.

In 2001, during my studies of Complementary Medicine, my partner later became my wife and introduced me to Adrian Dvir’s books. This event has completely changed the course of my life and has guided the path of my life ever since.

Adrian Dvir was a computer engineer, healer and an extraterrestrial medical healer with ETS from the pioneers in the field in Israel and around the world.
Adrian undertook to research, document, and publish the field, and he did so during the 1990s.

When I received Adrian Dvir’s books I read them with great eagerness despite my learning disabilities. I was reading continuously, and I internalized all of the information and was very intrigued. When my sister-in-law offered me to accompany her to the treatment at Adrian Dvir’s clinic, of course I did not refuse her offer, and so I met for the first time in my life the kind-hearted ETs. Adrian, who noticed my great curiosity, invited me to be present at the treatment. He guided us in a simple meditation during which I opened up to see, communicate and experience the ETs. At the end of the process Adrian conveyed a message to me from the ETs that they were interested in working with me, so I needed to be patient and attentive.


At first I gained experience myself in the healing processes with the ETs, I integrated it with the complementary medicine treatments my ET friends. They guided me in moments of truth on what to do and so I followed their instructions. However, I very quickly made contact with Adrian and over the course of three wonderful and fascinating years I was trained by him.

Adrian taught me a lot from the personal experience he gained in this wonderful field. I learned from him about how to work with the ETs and how they treat humans. I learned to investigate, to doubt in order to reinforce, cross-reference information and treat the ETs and their actions with due respect.

I learned a lot from him about a therapist’s values: how to treat patients and the great responsibility that rests on the therapist himself. A therapist has a huge responsibility for his own words, for empathy and patience for patients, for the need to lower expectations and stay grounded to prevent illusions.

At that time, Adrian gathered other therapists around him and I, among them, together engaged in shared therapy sessions, meditations and communication. This collaboration has supported, strengthened and developed us all through personal diversity and mutual growth.
In 2004 Adrian made his transition, and then I set out on my own independent path, opening up to communicating with additional spiritual guides, light beings, angels, deceased and rabbinical beings. Over a long period of time I have regularly passed on media information to groups of people who I have met to receive spiritual explanations of current global events. Along the way I continued to treat people, research the subject and develop my own unique style of healing with ETs. I also developed dedicated healing meditations and delivered lectures to raise awareness of the subject of healing with ETs.

Adrian instilled in me a way of saying that devotion pays off. Today after more than twenty years I treat people, women and children all over the world, I lead international meditations for personal development and certify therapists who work with ETs…

All this takes place with my cosmic friends who have accompanied me faithfully ever since, contributing to my development and giving me new tools every day so that I can pass them on to anyone who wants to evolve, break their personal boundaries, and transform into new places in their lives.

I invite you to be a part of my and many others’ journey into the unknown in order to become a much better people and so are our lives in this world and in the entire universe..

With love,