Who is Chagai Katz?

My name is Chagai Katz and I was born in Israel in 1977. I am a healer; it is my calling in life. I work together with my medical ET team and the light beings.

In 2001 I started working with invisible aliens to help people, especially with their medical problems. It turned out that I had a special ability to communicate with them. For years I have worked with aliens and I have helped many people worldwide.

Then I wanted to experience what it is like to work without the help of these beings, by teaching people how to heal themselves. The results were good, but in the end I noticed that something was missing. The medical ET team showed me that the team works in the same light and with the same frequencies as the light beings. We can all work together. My mission is to heal people, because in this world healing from the heart and love is the only thing that really matters.

To achieve the best results for my clients, I look at the current situation, the issues that people have. Then I guide them to the right focus on the issues that are ready to be healed. The next step is for the client to lie down on the treatment table. During the session I train clients to make contact with their heart. I lead them with a meditation. Then I ask the client for permission to heal him / her with the aliens and the light beings.

The medical ET team uses a number of different healing methods, based on harmonizing technologies from the creative field, such as zero point energy. During the session I guide the client to heal him / herself with exercises, meditations and activations.

Would you like to personally experience a session or get to know me and my method during a workshop or lecture? You are very welcome. You can contact us via the contact form.

Chagai Katz ET Healer