Spiritual vacation

Spiritual family vacation

I once met a woman who said, “Since my kids arrived, I just don’t have time for spirituality.” 
I found this very strange myself. Isn’t the spiritual just a way of life?

Spirituality is a way of life.  (click here for our holiday offer)

How does such a spiritual family holiday work, where you develop?
The spiritual vacation is a ‘something for everyone’ vacation. You develop and the children can go to the beach or go swimming, but can of course also join a yoga class. For example, you can have breakfast together. After breakfast  the children will do their own thing. And you can take a meditation class, perform yoga or go to a healer nearby.

Who is the holiday for?
Sunfamily offers family holidays in and outside Europe. They also have a special offer for families with a child with autism or for single  parents. Singles are also welcome.
Tip: at Sunfamily you can also look for a spiritual holiday with a child with autism. You do this by  ticking 2 categories together. For the offer of sunfamily.nl (click here).

The family vacation in Europe.
In Europe such as Spain, Germany or Greece, they also offer yoga and meditation classes in the hotels in the category spiritual family holidays.

I’ve since started asking around and the best known and best organization I hear from others is really sunfamily.nl. This sounds very selling from my mouth, but it really is. It is not without reason that it is an organization with a large offer, which can offer holidays such as TUI and d-trips, where you can book a fantastic spiritual journey. The site is also very extensive and easy to use. It is a site that compares holidays and then picks the cheapest provider. The spiritual holidays are mainly aimed at families, but you can also participate on yourself or with your partner. The children enjoy the beach, while you can meditate, receive a healing or follow singing bowl sessions and yoga sessions on vacation. Total relaxation and tranquility, it can now be done together with the kids!

Treatment at Chagai Katz at home combined with a family holiday
To experience a good healing, Chagai is his opinion, to have the healing done locally. What could be more ideal to combine this with a family holiday? This is possible at sunfamily.nl, you can book a holiday in Israel here  and combine it with a healing at  Chagai Katz  at home.

Experience from others.