Space clearing

Space Clearing
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Space Clearing

The objective of these sessions is to re-align your living space with the powerful pure earth frequencies, with the source.

As an entrepreneur you spend a lot of time at your workplace; for example: office, shop, storage space, workshop, showroom, center, attic room or practice. Your workspace is just like your body; this also needs care, attention and nutrition. Yet you may experience blockages, so the energy does not flow freely and you feel out of balance or tense. You may notice that customers are uncomfortable, stay away, decrease sales, create problems among employees or simply lose contact with your passion and enjoyment.

In order to carry out your work and achieve your goals, it helps you when this space is accessible, clean and tidy. If you feel comfortable here, your creativity and inspiration flow freely. This is especially important if you receive customers and / or perform treatments here.

I am happy to help you with these blockades and to let the energy flow freely again. I also teach you to keep the energy in your room optimal.

Space Clearing for who?
For entrepreneurs (male / female), regardless of their age, who experience blockades in their workspace. Who want to eliminate these blockages, so that the source energy flows freely again and the harmony, passion and inspiration can be felt again.

Space Clearing on location:
These sessions take place on location. How long it takes depends on the size of the room and the size and nature of the blockages..

During the Space Cleaning:
During the Space Clearing I agree on the source and then on the space to discover, which blocks the free supply of earth energy. I clean and remove pollution and load and I restore the full potential of the room from connection to the source. The disruption in space is sometimes caused by a combination of blockades in space and in you as an entrepreneur. In that case I advise you to also make an appointment for one Coaching Session.

Which rooms are being treated?
Every physical space that you use for your business. Think for example of a: office, shop, showroom, center, attic room or practice. Do not think about your workspaces. It also concerns the spaces where your employees come, such as a workshop, storage space and the like.

The price is 90,- every treatment. This treatment takes around 50 minutes.