E.T. Healing Sound and Meditation
International ETs` healer & Facilitator of Guided Meditating with Healing Sounds Vibrations

E.T Healing Sound and Mediation

Hello My name is Chagai Katz
International ETs` healer & Facilitator of Guided Meditating with Healing Sounds Vibrations.

Following the success of the previous event, I am pleased to announce the next event!
In the state of gathering and union of light, I am inviting you For My special sound healing.
Now you can You can watch the Introduction for E.t Healing Sound& meditation, enjoy! :https://youtu.be/tW57gO2MIys

You can Stay at Home.
simply register, connect and participate!
Everything will be done
easily, simply and simply intuitively, and doesn’t require previous knowledge.

All you need is an internet-connected device with audio and video-only for viewing!
No need for a webcam!
Note: The session will be held in English without translation.

Soundhealing Chagai Katz

Recommendation: Use high-quality headphones or high-quality speakers to enjoy proper listening quality.

I am going to provide you a powerful experience full of possibilities.
I pre plan and prepare, yet as you well know spiritual guidance always surprises so that one can never know what one will receive at each Meeting!

Note: The session will be held in English without translation.
How to join:

Pay with Pay Pal or Make Payment and you will receive a link to the For the live broadcast.

** Note! Registration closes 1 hour before the meeting!

1) You can pay by Bank :NL95ABNA0457080698 The account name C.Katz (after making the payment you have to send an e-mail or WhatsApp with proof of payment simply make a snapshot of the bank transfer or mention your name + IBAN number in your message after that you will receive the link with an invitation to zoom meeting.

2) Tikkie Link: https://tikkie.me/pay/s1u3vhj3g1ahs2bjv73l

After you pay Share the payment confirmation message with me on WhatsApp and I will send you a link to a Zoom meeting.

3) PayPal, After the payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email with an invitation to the session + access link to enter the session!


4 ) רוצה לשלם בביט או בפייבוס ? שלח תשלום ל 0546720791 ורשום בהערה את תאריך השידור

Like to pay in another way? Send me WhatsApp message to +31 6 27893548 or contact me by the contactforml With your wish and I do my best to assist you.

*** Recommendations:

Organize in advance space where you will participate in the session, including drink and food to eliminate disturbances. Check your internet connection so that it’s fast and proper

If additional members of your family wish to join the session, they are welcome to do so free of charge.

If you wish to add friends or project the session publically, you are required to receive written approval. Furthermore, the additional fees will be charged in accordance with the number of additional participants.

Cost per person: € 12.50

For registration, please fill in the Form below:

Mobile (optional) – Link to join to Quiet WhatsApp Group for updates only?
Click this link: ;

For further information send a message to my mobile phone:
WhatsApp +31 6 27893548

Or contact me via the contact form

Privacy Statement and General Conditions:

Participation constitutes consent to Privacy Statement and General Conditions.
Your personal details will be saved on a secured data base and will not be transferred to a third party at any state. Maintaining the privacy of all participants is compulsory.
Everything that will be stated at the session is for entertainment and enrichment purposes only and discretion should be applied.
For any medical or mental problem, you are required to turn to a doctor or a certified care institution! The relayed communication is not to be perceived as a medical recommendation.
In the event that you are suffering from a mental disorder and take medication, you should receive an approval from your doctor or a certified treatment body that permits participation in the session which includes spiritual content.
In the event that you have a medical problem that may prevent you from participating in the session, you are required to consult with your doctor prior to the session and receive a written approval.
Chagai Katz will not be liable in any form or manner for any damage caused to body or possession as a result of participating in the session.