OnLine Group Healing
Everything will be done easily, simply and intuitively, and requires no prior knowledge.

OnLine Group Healing

No OnLine Group Healing planned yet!

Everything will be done easily, simply and simply intuitively, and requires no prior knowledge.

All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet that is connected to the internet and through a beautiful platform called you can use the video camera, speakers and microphone that is already installed in your device so that you can see and show, hear and be heard – apart from smelling everything is inside and under your control.

Today’s technology makes it possible to connect people in different countries and continents in a simple and simple way, allowing us to create a powerful, tangible and humane experience without leaving home or making logistical preparations.

I’m going to offer you a powerful experience full of possibilities. I plan and prepare, but as you know, spiritual guidance always surprises so that you can never know what you will receive during each session!

The session is recorded and you get access to view the session for a limited period of time and to experience everything that happened again!

Cost per person: 15 Euro

Enter the following information for registration:

Mobile (optional) – if you want to become a member of WhatsApp mailing list and receive updates about future sessions or link to session recordings.
Note: the session is held without translation into English.

How to participate:

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and you will receive an invitation and a link to the meeting.

** Note! Registration closes 12 hours before the meeting!

You can pay with PayPal. After the payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with an invitation to the session + access link to go to the session!
Like to pay in a different way? Send me WhatsApp message to +31627893548 or e-mail to info@chagaikatz.nlWith your wish and do my best to help you.

*** Recommendations:

Organize in advance the room where you participate in the session, including drinking and eating to eliminate disruptions. Check your internet connection so that it is fast and correct (there are free speed control programs available on the internet).

If additional family members want to participate in the session, they are welcome to do this for free.

If you want to add friends or publicly project the session, you must have written approval. In addition, additional costs will be charged based on the number of additional participants.

Privacy statement and general conditions:

Participation means agreement with the Privacy Statement and General Conditions.
Your personal information is stored in a secure database and is not transferred to a third party in any state. Maintaining the privacy of all participants is mandatory.
Everything mentioned during the session is for entertainment only and enrichment and discretion must be applied.
For any medical or mental problem you must contact a doctor or a certified healthcare institution! The transmitted communication should not be construed as a medical recommendation.
In the event that you suffer from a mental disorder and use medication, you must obtain approval from your doctor or a certified treatment organization that allows you to participate in the session with spiritual content.
If you have a medical problem that prevents you from participating in the session, you should consult your doctor and receive written approval prior to the session.
Chagai Katz is in no way liable for damage to body or property as a result of participating in the session.

Cost per person: 15 Euro

Send a message to my cell phone for more information: WhatsApp +31 6 27893548

Or send a message using the contact form.