Today we will talk about the concept of Long Distance Sessions:

You are in a situation where you really like a Healing/Consulting/Training Session, but for whatever reason you do not can’t to come over to my practice. For example: because of lack of time, distance, physical difficulty or hypersensitivity from long journeys or simply staying home because you feel most comfortable there , all is OK.

Hello : My name is Chagai Katz and I have been working with E.T`s Of the higher dimensions , angels and entities since 2001.

What is long distance session? it is actually the same session that you can get in the practice but it is done as it sounds just where it is convenient for you and when it suits you!

All you need to do is schedule a Session today!!

But what is the difference?

The first step is to correlates how we will contact : a phone call, Skype FaceTime or even just WhatsApp, what suits you!

video call is recommended but not necessary.

No need to give accurate location if you want!

Step two: Talk for the first time I can hear more details about your health status or your need for support, I’ll prepare you for treatment and I’ll give you tips on how to get into a situation where treatment will help you more.

A third step: After the treatment I will explain exactly what happened during the treatment and hear what you experienced, as well as give you all the necessary advice and insights for the treatment process.

It is important to prepare a safe and quiet space as well as additional time in which you can rest after the treatment and there may be occasional reactions to the treatment that require rest to assimilate the treatment / process.

And now…

The first session takes 75 minutes and including intake & session + spoken report .

The follow-up Session : 60 minutes Total including explanations and counseling Guidance and listening before and after session and spoken report .

How do we schedule a Session ? : Send message via : e-mail or send WhatsApp message To :+31 6 27893548

Skype username :

And you will receive several time options you can choose how to communication ( call or video) ?

And what’s next: Arrange payment for one of the following options : Bank transfer / BIT / PayPal

* I will send you the full details after we will agreed upon the date and time .

Next step: Get confirmation of meeting time + payment info

** Please Note if need to reschedule or cancel you must update 24 hours before, so other clients that are waiting updated asap!

Fee: 110 Euros first Session and 95 Euros for follow-up Sessions .