Healing with Et's

What is the role of the human healer in the session

The healer as a person in the transition of personal spiritual development, creates a connecting bridge between the dimensions / worlds and allows the occurrence of the bilateral dynamic hologram (ETs in a higher developmental dimension and the healer in the third dimension). In other words, the healer functions as a diversion tool to the transfer of information from the team to the patient. The healer is attentive to the ETs team and their messages and “holds” the frequency during the treatment. This is an energetic process that aims to enable the energetic and spiritual conditions for the treatment to occur.

Problems and types of treatments

The ETs are able to treat most body systems and many diseases. At the same time, they do not intend to replace the professions of conventional and complementary medicine, and sometimes a combination of treatments is required.

The types of problems and diseases that ETs treat:

Chronic diseases, problems in the skeletal system, such as: herniated discs, rupture of the meniscus, sports injuries, joint problems.

Gastrointestinal problems, hormonal imbalance, nervous system problems, support for cancer patients, vision and hearing problems, accelerating recovery processes from physical and emotional trauma, attention and concentration problems, vaccine vulnerabilities, fertility and more.

The treatments also include support for the processes of cognitive development, the treatment focuses on the healing of the body and also on the source from which the disease was created. The overarching goal of our cosmic friends is to instill in us the knowledge that lies within us for the self-healing of our bodies.

The healer is attentive to the ETs team and their messages and "holds" the frequency during the treatment

How do you feel during treatment?

Common sensations are a feeling of inner calm, peace of mind, a feeling of relaxation, local or general fever, tingling, movement within the body, currents, and feelings of levitation or grounding (heaviness). The intensity and type of sensation are in accordance with the type of treatment, its purpose and the level of personal sensitivity of the patient.

In rare cases, the patient does not experience physical sensations, but this does not mean that the treatment is not performed. For example: a person who has experienced acute pain above a certain level may not be able to feel gentle sensations during treatment.

It is possible that the patient’s supersensible vision during the treatment will be opened to see shadows, figures, colors, etc. It is important to know that patients with spiritual openness or hypersensitivity will not necessarily experience these effects, while patients who are not usually open to spiritual experiences may suddenly experience supersensible experiences. In some cases, patients may experience receiving messages and spontaneous communication with the ETs.

How treatment is performed

The treatment can be performed at the therapist’s clinic or at any other location when the treatment is performed remotely using zoom/video or a phone call.
The patient lies on a bed (fully clothed) and receives the treatment.

It is possible that the patient's supersensible vision during the treatment will be opened to see shadows, figures, colors, etc

Are there any physical reactions after treatment?

In some cases, depending on the patient’s sensitivity or the nature of the treatment, there may be a physical or emotional reaction that begins within a period of about 72 hours after treatment and can last up to a week on average. Of course, when needed the therapist will help understand the nature of the response and help deal with it.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

The treatment is suitable for any person if the patient is an adult over the age of 18 and is known to be treated by ETs through the caregiver. In the case of a minor, the permission of his parents is required.

In the case of a helpless person or an unconscious person, the permission of his family members or a legal guardian is required.

A person must not be treated without his informed consent.