Cosmic Womb Awakening

Cosmic Womb Awakening

Welcome to this amazing cosmic womb awakening workshop group, where we will go on a process together to unveil and discover our hidden potential of healing and existence.
this workshop series will include 9 meetings where in each weekly session we will focus on different initiation intention:

Love • Play • Blessing • Compassion • Birth right • Forgivness • Fertility • Birth Celebration

9 Weekly Meetings

18.9.22 at 18:00 GTM + 3 (Jerusalem)

This workshop will be held Live while making parallel use of the ZOOM application on a computer for video and sonobus application on the smartphone or on your PC/MAC for studio-quality audio.

this is an intimate gathering of people who are ready to under go deep healing in the company of a selected group.
all particpants will be pre interviewed for compatability between group members to ensure harmonious held space, so everyone will feel at home with each other.

the group will consist of seven participants.
Each gathering will be 120 minutes.

Chagai katz

About 20 years ago I was exposed to a unique and incredible treatment method , E.T therapy – our enlightened friends from advanced civilisations.
My teacher at the time was Adrian Dvir, one of the pioneers of this method in Israel and in the worldwide.
Since then and till this day I lovingly treat people from all around the world in many different issues of body, mind and spirit in collaboration with E.Ts teams. I as well guide original meditations worldwide and train therapists and healers to treat in this spectacular field of work.

During the years I channeled and delivered a lot of knowledge from my friends the E.Ta in variety of many different topics in different media platforms worldwide.

Lately more and more people approach me people who feel the need to make contact with E.Ts in order to develop themselves, get personal guidance and contribute from their own self to the entire universe and in favour of all.
The E.Ts are here with great live exactly for this purpose and they are interested to make contact with you in order to implement their destiny and ours, advance, innovate our values and share their higher knowledge to us.

Tom Allon

TomMarried to Sif , Lives in Iceland. During the last years he had been dealing with meditative music , frequency medicine and creating sound tracks for movement and healing . He is a partner in Home of Gaia platform that started has a spiritual center in Deㅡpijp Amsterdam and now active in iceland in giving workshops of healing through sound. Tom had been recording sounds of nature from across the world which he includes in his productions . In this workshop tom will be serving as an intuitive channel of sound in goal of transmitting the necessary frequencies to support the processes which will undergo the participants. Tom and Chagai had been working together for the past three years and had created numerous succesfull productions that had contributed greatly to the development, healing and relaxation of many of Chagai’s satisfied clients world wide.

What We need?

High-Quality Headphones
Computer with Zoom application
Smartphone or PC/MAC with sonobus software
Comfortable setting for lying down.
For any further questions and technical support, we will have an introduction meeting where we will explain everything.


 $ 937

The workshop includes 9 sessions + an introduction meeting
The First 3 tickets sold will receive 25 dollars discount

For Registration Please Contact: