Multidimensional Spiritual Guidance

Multidimensional Spiritual Guidance

This is the time, right before the conclusion of the year, to release and let go the hold on everything we wanted to experience and to have this year. Everything we wished for ourselves and for our loved ones and simply learn to trust the unknown and the future that comes for our highest good.

Love • Play • Blessing • Compassion • Birth right • Forgivness • Fertility • Birth Celebration

Thursday 15.12.2022 at 20:00 (Amsterdam time)

I invite you for an inner journey meeting (via Zoom) that includes a journey from multidimensional spiritual guidance, to get answers for questions on the subject and to experience a meditation journey that will be recorded and sent to you in professional studio quality.

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It happens on Thursday 15.12.2022 at 20:00 Amsterdam time.
Cost per participant is €37 including a recording of the entire meeting in Zoom and a professional studio quality recording that will send you your file!
Yes, without limitation of your recording .

Chagai katz

About 20 years ago I was exposed to a unique and incredible treatment method , E.T therapy – our enlightened friends from advanced civilisations.
My teacher at the time was Adrian Dvir, one of the pioneers of this method in Israel and in the worldwide.
Since then and till this day I lovingly treat people from all around the world in many different issues of body, mind and spirit in collaboration with E.Ts teams. I as well guide original meditations worldwide and train therapists and healers to treat in this spectacular field of work.

During the years I channeled and delivered a lot of knowledge from my friends the E.Ta in variety of many different topics in different media platforms worldwide.

Lately more and more people approach me people who feel the need to make contact with E.Ts in order to develop themselves, get personal guidance and contribute from their own self to the entire universe and in favour of all.
The E.Ts are here with great live exactly for this purpose and they are interested to make contact with you in order to implement their destiny and ours, advance, innovate our values and share their higher knowledge to us.

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For registering, you can pay by bank transfer or via a link on my website for secure payments. It’s in a few hours after making the payment you’re going to receive, the link to the meeting.

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