ET Healing training

ET Healing training

The good-hearted ETs are interested in collaborating with human beings who have the skills, attributes and intentions to help humanity and other human beings. Therefore according to the cosmic law that says like attracts like, human beings who have the will, intentions and abilities may be attracted to the subject of extraterrestrial life and contact with ETs whose purpose is to help humanity.

I had the privilege and opportunity to meet Adrian Dvir who had a lot of experience and impressive abilities and for several years I received information, support, guidance and a lot of confidence from him. This foundation has given me the power to be a healer with ETs to this day.

Can anyone be a healer with ETs?

Over the years I have received a lot of inquiries from people, patients, attending channeling evenings and even social events I have been asked how can one be a healer with ETs? Can anyone be? Do you need special spiritual talents? Is it a matter of a soul contract? And how do you even start, what is the first step…

Over the years, I have formulated an orderly plan that includes a number of steps in which therapists with professional backgrounds and people who are interested in the subject who feel this is their destiny can be trained.

I received from the ETs instruction and orderly instruction on how to train a person to be a therapist. The program includes information transfer, mentoring under the guidance of the ETs, original meditations, personal empowerment process, experiences and the creation of a supportive community that works collaboratively to reach new horizons.

People who are interested and feel this is their destiny can be trained.

So how do you join the community of healers with ETs?

The training program takes place in Zoom, lasting 18 sessions of about 3 hours in the evening. At the end of the training program, participants are given an official certificate of a certified healer with ETs. The training program imparts all the knowledge required to immediately work independently as a healer-therapist with ETs.

So if you feel that this is for you, these are the stages of admission to the training program:

A. View a recording of an introductory session in which the training program is explained in details by me.

B. Coordinating an introductory meeting with me for the purpose of coordinating expectations and making a decision of the ETs regarding your participation.

If you have made the decision to study the subject after observing the materials, we have coordinated expectations and been accepted by the ETs for the training program, the road is open to you for a fascinating journey of your personal journey to development, Personal Empowerment and Transcendence.

The training program is a group (about twelve people) but each participant receives individual assistance for their individual process through me and through graduates of previous training programs.

Contents of the training program and registration details

  • Link to download the content of the training program (PDF file)
  • Cost per participant 7,000 NIS. The payment can be spread up to 12 interest-free payments.
  • Link to register for an applicant form in the training program.
  • Certified Graduates Healers
  • The graduates of the training program are interested in meeting with you in order to experience and give you a healing experience.
  • Personally with their ET’S teams.
  • If you are interested in experiencing treatment from one of the graduates of our training program, you are welcome to do so by using the following list of healers and contact them privately.
  • The responsibility for the treatment lies solely with the healer or clinic.
  • Names, pictures of training program graduates who are interested in being published on the site.