Cosmic power in yourself
The inner strength that we have as a person is much greater than we realize

Workshop Level 1

Workshop level 1: Cosmic power in yourself

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The inner strength that we have as a person is much greater than we realize. We can support ourselves with illness or imbalance in our lives.
The problem is that we are not really aware of the possibilities of our self-healing ability. It is a kind of unexplored area. But also factors such as trauma, stress and poor nutrition inactivate this important part of us

Chagai provides means and techniques with which you can re-activate this self-healing ability, so that it is completely at your disposal again.

This starts with techniques to ground yourself and protect against negative influences. It is important to learn a new perception about who is really the boss in your life, so that you can think and talk even more from your own autonomy.

Chagai will pay attention to the healing of the soul in order to heal trauma from this and previous lives at a deep level.
In addition, he will teach you to heal yourself from outside through the so-called ‘creative field’ and possibly from other dimensions such as the dimension of geometric patterns. Other beings can travel to ours from their dimension and back, but not between dimensions, we can.

The ETs accompany us to achieve the ‘source of creation’. They want to help us to remove blockades that prevent us from connecting. The ETs want to be there for us when we need them.

The main goal of the workshops is to increase your awareness and re-activate your self-healing ability. Group meditations will also be given during the workshop. There is room for everyone’s personal contribution and the content of the workshop is shaped by the needs of the people present. Also exercises are done to apply the learned techniques.

The last day of the workshop consists of a nature experience. You connect with your inner strength in nature. From your strength you enter into a dialogue with yourself, inspired by nature.

The following themes are discussed:

Self recognition. Who you are, your potential and your task in life.
Scan yourself. What is your mental and physical condition, find insertions, parasites, microchips, etc.
Self healing. How do you handle and remove insertions, microchips etc. and heal yourself from trauma.
Re-activate yourself from the source. Reinforce your self-healing ability.

*In case of medical complaints and / or a change in medication use, you should always consult with your doctor. You are responsible for this yourself.