In a session we work in both your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions


The goal of every session is to activate and strengthen your self-healing abilities.

As an entrepreneur you are driven by a mission: that which you want to contribute to the world, to make it a better place. Sometimes you have lost contact with your mission, with your drive, because of blockages. They have a negative impact on: your company, the achievement of your objectives, your turnover and your employees.

Do you want to remove these blockages and come back in contact with your drive, passion and inspiration and do you want to do business from a connection to the source?

Coaching for who?

For entrepreneurs who experience blockades in themselves and in their company. Who want to lift it and get back in touch with their initial drive, passion and inspiration and want to do business from a connection with the source.

Coaching on location:

These treatments take place on skype, in Israel or remotely.

In addition, I hold session days at various locations international, see of agenda for the locations and dates. Do you want to make your practice space available for such periodic session days, to get interested people closer to home in your region, please contact with me.

During Coaching:

Each session starts with determining what needs attention in the session at that moment. This is then worked on, to the extent and to the point that your body can process this within that session. In a session I first agree on the source and then on you. Here I get the necessary information, about what is needed at that moment. I guide you through an activation process in which your self-healing abilities are activated. Then you gain insight into your blockades and what the cause is (if this insight is useful or necessary). Then I guide you with the blockages to lift yourself. So you heal yourself, at the time and place where the blockage arose in your life, from the power of observation, with my support.

In a session we work in both your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. I facilitate this process and act as a bridge between these dimensions. I support you by means of words, energy work and sounds.

Following the session, I will teach you how to formulate your objectives energetically vigorously and give you tips on your business actions that suit entrepreneurship from connection with the Source. I guide you to connection with the source, so that you get inspiration and grow as an entrepreneur. As a result you will undertake in a more conscious manner. You will increasingly radiate that towards your environment: employees, suppliers, partner companies and (potential) customers or clients.

Who can be coached?

Everyone who has their own company (male / female), regardless of age, type of company or size.


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