“Life smiles at me again and is mine again!”

A few years ago, like many, I was struck by a burn-out. I have since gone a long way in both the regular and the alternative circuit. From psychiatrist to hypnotherapist and from deep meditation retreats to taking countless remedies prescribed by highly skilled naturopaths. You can not think of it as crazy or I’ve tried it… – Karin Dielemans
“Unbelievable, after 15 years I have driven a car again!”

” Unbelievable, after 15 years I have driven a car again!” Wow, what a great session I had – again – at Chagai! As an ET Healer I am well acquainted with Chagai’s earlier work. I was very interested in his new approach to self-healing, through the heart. I decided it was time to tackle my driving anxiety. Since I got my driver’s license … – Esther van den Wildenberg
“Life smiles at me again and is mine again!”

In September 2016, I decided to make an appointment with Chagai, because I wanted to improve my health. Chagai guides you to your own strength. He gives you the tools to heal yourself. Because of this I feel more connected to my own body and my consciousness has grown. I also have now …

– Inge-Mar
Session with the E.T’s. and Chagai has brought us a lot!

Our session with the E.T. and Chagai in Eindhoven has brought us a lot. The E.T work in multiple layers of the Auraveld. They have, among other things, taken a bacterium out of the body, which has been around for years and that has been disruptive to the system. You feel them going through your body and touching various places.
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E.T. healing – The New Approach

Chagai Katz ET Healer
An unforgettable experience! What does an E.T. healer and how does it work exactly?
During this lecture you will discover how it all works and what it can mean for you.
Pay attention! Keep in mind that the lecture will be held in English. No new date set yet, watch the agenda

Sessions healing, coaching, space clearing

Chagai Katz ET Healer
A personal healing, coaching or a space clearing for your company? Make an appointment!