E.T. healing – The New Approach

An unforgettable experience

ET HealingOn Friday, September 14, we host a lecture given by E.T. healer Chagai Katz. What does an E.T. healer and how does it work exactly? During this lecture you will discover how it all works and what it can mean for you. Pay attention! Keep in mind that the lecture will be held in English.

The evening is arranged as follows:

19.00 Entry and registration

19.30 The lecture:

  • Introduction of The New Approach Sessions & Contact

  • Get to know Chagai Katz and his way to E.T. healer

  • How does it work, which healing options are there?

  • Success stories

  • How can I help myself after the lecture?


20.15 Pause

20.30 Experience the second half of the lecture with a group healing Experience & amp; Meditation and a Cosmic SoundHealing Experience

21.30 Space for questions and comments

21.45 End

Lakemanweg 1, 1606 MH Venhuizen, Nederland

The costs for this lecture are € 25 per person. It is also possible to buy tickets at the door on the day itself, for which we charge € 5 extra.


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Experience a healing and attend the lecture for free!  
Experience a healing on Friday, September 14th during the day. read hier what a healing content. If you plant a healing during the day, you can attend the lecture for free in the evening! And with that you get a € 55 discount on the new training program, where you learn how to work with the E.T.s. Do you want more information about this? Please contact me via Conny Hogervorst@hotmail.com